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    Arbi Sookazian Master


      so we didn't have this framework in Seam 2.x (or did we?)

      Is it replacing org.jboss.seam.log.Log?

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Weld has a SL4J logger extension that will probably be user for Seam 3 also

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            Dan Allen Master

            Nicklas Karlsson wrote on Mar 27, 2010 18:50:

            Weld has a SL4J logger extension that will probably be user for Seam 3 also

            I'll make that statement more definitive. Seam 3 modules will use the SL4J logger extension :)

            import org.slf4j.Logger;
            @Inject Logger log;

            Please be aware that there is currently a classloading problem with SLF4J that you may run into on JBoss AS. I'll explain the problem and the solution.


            weld-extensions includes slf4j-api as a compile time dependency and Seam 3 modules (that use the logger extension) bring in weld-extensions. That means that slf4j-api will end up in your archive (by default). If you deploy just the API, you will get a startup error in JBoss AS 6.0 M2 because the SLF4J library is already on the server and exposed to the application.


            The temporary solution is to include slf4j-jdk14 as a runtime dependency. This bridge to JDK logging prevents conflicts between the two SLF4J libraries. Seam 3 parent now includes slf4j-jdk14 as a runtime dependency as a sensible default until we can figure out the proper solution. (The other workaround would have been to exclude slf4j-api, but then you would be assuming that the server provides SLF4J -> non-portable).