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    Seam-persistence: @javax.ejb.TransactionAttribute

    Adam Warski Master

      The persistence module page contains a proposition to create a javax.ejb.TransactionAttributeType enum equivalent for Seam.

      I think that creating an equivalent is generally a good idea, as it always gives greater flexibility and makes it possible for non-JEE applications to use the transaction management without bundling the JEE APIs. So +1 here.

      However, renaming some of the types (e.g. ISOLATED instead of REQUIRES_NEW) is in my opinion a bad idea. JEE users are used to the current names, so why change them? And new users will only have to become familiar with one set of names. I don't think the current names are bad enough to justify a renaming. -1 here.

      What about the NEST type? Is it currently supported by Arjuna, or some other jta implementations?