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    migrating a Seam 2.x app to Seam 3

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Migration plans, docs, etc.?

      We may be interested in implementing new components in Seam 3 for our existing Seam 2.x project.  Will this require a full refactoring/migration of the existing Seam components?  Obviously we will need to upgrade from Jboss 4.2.x to JBoss 6.

      And what about the seam2-bridge?  What about migration plans for Seam 2.x to Seam 3 in general?  Various libraries will need to be upgraded like JSF, RichFaces, etc.

      Will it be possible to use Seam 3 components and Seam 2.x components in the same app in JBoss 6?  Would that even be recommended?

      Upgrading from Seam 1.2 to Seam 2.0 was not a big deal b/c we could use the same JDK 5 and JBoss 4.2.x...