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    What about onversation-scoped extended entity managers in Seam 3?

    Torsten Fink Newbie


      I am currently evaluating Seam 3. One thing I look at, is a comparison of features of JEE 6 with Seam 2. This should give some hints at the missing parts in JEE Seam 3 has to provide to succeed Seam 2.

      One of the strongest features of Seam 2 IMHO was the transparent handling of extended entity managers scoped to the conversation context. I do not see anything in CDI or JSF that provide this feature. Surprisingly I do not see any plan in Seam 3 to add this. I would have expected that the persistence or the JSF module would implement this.

      I would guess that with CDI you can build a similar mechanism on your own. But you would need some good knowledge about what you are doing. From my experience most users of Seam 2 did not even know about the used extended entity manager that speed up the rendering phase in JSF after a redirect.

      My question is: Do I miss something? Is the feature somewhere included or not needed anymore?

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        Torsten Fink