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    Documentation on interation between Seam container and EJB container?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Is there currently (or will there be?) documentation on the interaction b/n the Seam container and the EJB container?  Or even the CDI/Weld container and the EJB container running on JBoss 6, for example?  Say for example which container manages what aspects of a SFSB or SLSB, whether it's a backing bean for a JSF view or not.  Any design docs or diagrams on this?  Or even point me to source code files that are related to this.

      I'm talking about the management of the components state and lifecycle.  I'd imagine that Seam or Weld manages the component's state/scope and the EJB container manages the lifecycle (e.g. lifecycle callback methods via @Remove, etc.)  I've never read anything specifically on this subject and it seems very important.  Any tips would be much appreciated.  thx.