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    Trying to start with Seam3 -- feeling lost

    Alan Deikman Newbie

      I have been coding away to teach myself JSF 2 using Netbeans and GlassFish 3.0.1.  I have run into a number of gotchas which so far I have gotten around, but my current one is that I have a need for @ViewScoped to work.  Without it (or without MyFaces saveState tag) I have to make beans that should be ViewScoped as SessionScoped.

      From reading various forum postings I understand that Seam 3 implements this among other things.  But for some reason I can't put it together because I am missing critical bits of info.

      So the following questions.

      Is the Seam 3 alpha releases supposed to work with GlassFish 3?  According to the instructions all I have to do is put the seam-faces-3.0.0.Alpha3.jar and the seam-faces-api-3.3.0-Alpha3.jar into my application.  However when I do I can no longer deploy the application with a ClassNotFound exception.

      Are the other seam- jar files needed for this, or can they be included optionally?

      Is Weld already part of GlassFish?  I notice when I browse object class names in my GF environment I see a lot of org.jboss.weld type class names.  What's the relationship?

      Given that Seam 3 is in alpha state, is it reasonable to develop a dependency on it if you want to go into production by the end of the year?

      What should I be reading that I obviously have not read yet?

      Thanks in advance for any help.