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    RichCalendar: 60 to 2060, 70 to 1970... why?

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master

      I have a rich calendar configured like this:

      <rich:calendar id="rfcFecha" datePattern="yyMMdd" styleClass="preserveFocus enterToTab" enableManualInput="true" tabindex="2" value="#{buscaContribuyenteWeb.rfcFecha}" rendered="true">
       <f:convertDateTime pattern="yyMMdd" />
       <a4j:support event="onblur"/>

      If the user writes 600210 and the user clicks the little calendar button to show the popup, he can see that the date has been translated to "February 10 of 2060" but if he writes 700210 it is translated in to "February 10 of 1970".

      I want to be able to control that, so that if the date is "after today" it translates it to 19xx, and if its before today, it translates it to 20xx.

      How can I achieve that?