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    mixin support in Seam 3?

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      This is pretty cool stuff: http://www.springsource.org/roo/why


      @RooEntity public class Hello {
           private String world;

      becomes this at compile time via mixins:

      public class Hello {
          private String world {..}
          public String getWorld() {..}
          public void setWorld(String world) {..}
          public Long getId() {..}
          public void setId(Long id) {..}
          public Integer getVersion() {..}
          public void setVersion(Integer version) {..}
          public String toString() {..}
          public void persist() {..}
          public void remove() {..}
          public void flush() {..}
          public static Long countHellos() {..}
          public static Hello findHello(Long id) {..}
          public static List findAllHellos() {..}
          public static List findHelloEntries(int start, int finish) {..}
          // there are even more methods

      Now admittedly, we may not want a bloated API - some of these magic methods we may not need or use - but this is a pretty damn cool idea.

      Is mixin support something new in JDK 1.6 or is that available in 1.5 as well?