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    Illegal Option -d using checkout script to obtain source code

    Daniel Hinojosa Master


      In the Check out and build seam page page.  I downloaded and ran the script as recommended:

      wget http://github.com/seam/build/raw/master/checkout.sh
      chmod 755 checkout.sh
      ./checkout.sh -d seam-trunk -r

      What I got was the following:

      danno@danno-76:~/development$ ./checkout.sh -d seam-trunk -r
      Illegal option -d
      usage: ./checkout.sh options
      This script will check out Seam 3.
         -h      Show this usage message
         -d      Destination directory, otherwise the PWD is used 
         -m      Checkout (clone) in manager mode (SSH mode) (default is read-only)
         -v      Be more verbose
         -c      Don't run git fetch if the repository has already been cloned
         -b      Build and install parent, tools and bom modules

      Help is appreciated.