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    Seam Faces: Namespace prefix s on validateForm is not defined

    Daniel Sachse Newbie
      Hey Guys,
      I tried the "seam-faces-3.0.0.Beta2" with the "jboss-6.0.0.Final" and got the following Error when using <s:validateForm validatorId="loginValidator" /> on a Facelet Page:
      "Namespace prefix s on validateForm is not defined". I already included the TLD with xmlns:s=http://jboss.org/seam/faces".
      Additionaly I don´t use Maven on my project.

      Seam Faces 3 Libs I included into my build-path:||
      - seam-faces-api.jar
      - seam-faces-impl.jar
      - seam-faces.jar

      Do you guys have any idea, why it doesn´t work?

      Thank you in advance!!

      Yours sincerly,