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    Unable to deploy a generic bean, similar to the reference guide

    John Ament Master

      In the latest solder reference guide, chapter 13 is about generic beans.  Trying to use it to create JMS queues, topics, etc.


      So I created a qualifier with generic type:

      public @interface JmsQueue {
          public String queue();
          public String connectionFactory();
          public Class<? extends Annotation> annotation();
      then a producer, using apply scope and the same generic style configuration.
      @GenericConfiguration(JmsQueue.class) @ApplyScope
      public class JmsEventBridgeProducer {
          JmsQueue queueConfig;
          @Inject @Generic
          JmsMessageListenerFactory factory;
          public JmsEventBridge getJmsEventBridge() throws Exception {
      Then based on all of that, I created an injection point for the object produced, using configuration settings.
          JmsEventBridge eventBridge;

      However, I just keep getting unresolved dependency when trying to deploy it, on the field at the end.  Did I miss something?