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    Status of Seam 3 on Glassfish?

    Aaron Siri Newbie

      What exactly is the status of Seam 3 on Glassfish v3?  Are the modules verified on Glassfish before release or is everything tested only on JBoss?  I remember reading somewhere (I don't remember where) that there is an issue in Glassfish v3.0.1 and Glassfish v3.1 (which is unreleased) was needed.  Does this sound familiar?  In any case I had a lot of problems getting the Security Module and its dependencies running on Glassfish.  It'd be nice to get a clear understanding of Seam 3's compatibility and priority on the other popular open source application server.

      After being forced to switch to JBoss because of the issues I kept having with the Seam 3 modules on Glassfish I must say that I really miss Glassfish.  I've used JBoss 4 and earlier and going back to it (I'm running JBoss 6 now) I still find JBoss to be slow, cranky, and hot deploys from Eclipse while developing appear to work about 50% of the time (last night I had a hard time cleanly killing off the JBoss instance after it kept failing to hot deploy).  I'll continue to keep using JBoss for now and will report any issues I find but it'd be nice to move back to Glassfish.

      Seam 3 is looking great and with the Stocking Stuffer release is becoming usable.  It would be nice if there was a page stating what modules worked and have been tested on which application servers and list what issues there currently are.