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    Mixing UI Technologies

    Osian Hughes Newbie

      I see that Seam3 offers support for JSF, GWT and Wicket.  Is it possible, or does it even make sense to be able to mix these technologies together for the front end UI?

      All comments and thoughts welcome :)

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          Ove Ranheim Novice

          JSF is able to integrate with GWT. With Wicket I'm not sure.

          Investigate the JSF's ExternalContext purposed for integration with other app contexts. By bridging state (re-writing) and through URL-rewriting you might succeed.

          My 2-cents would be JSF + GWT, Although, Wicket is a powerful piece of equipment.

          It's an intriguing thought mixing them all. Seam Solder (and possibly Seam Servlet) should be helpful in such sense.