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    seam3 examples - javaee-booking

    Jose Freitas Newbie

      I'm having a bad time trying to see seam examples in action.
      After sometime trying, I succeded deploying the javaee-booking application on Jboss 6 CR1, now, in Jboss admin console it appears that it is all ok under Context Root seam-javaee-booking, however I cant access the application.
      I double checked the generated war and it seems complete.

      but I keep getting HTTP Status 404 - /seam-javaee-booking/

      I tried to start the war through console
      but I get:
      java.lang.Exception: seam-javaee-booking.war is already started.

      so, what's wrong with the application? is it dependent in anyway to another application?
      is there a step by step to get those examples running?