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    Events not working

    Lukasz Lenart Newbie


      I discovered that JSF system events propagation doesn't work with JBoss 6 Final (with CR1 as well). For sure it worked with JBoss 6 M4.

      Below it's a code snippet, I can include the whole demo app

      public class WebEventCatcher {
          private Logger log;
          public void catchApplicationConstructedEvent(@Observes PostConstructApplicationEvent event) {
              System.out.println("[Application started - from WAR]" + event);
              log.info("[Application started - from WAR]" + event);

      I've put beans.xml into WEB-INF and I'm using Seam Faces 3.0.0.Beta2. It's an Ear with Ejb and War module. Seam Faces are in Ejb.

      Kind regards