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    Integrate Seam 3 with GWT 2.0.2

    Sandy Noa Newbie

      I'm a new java Web developer and I need some help about the INTEGRATION of GWT 2.0.2 and Seam 3, but it seems so difficult, now I'm working with Eclipse Helios (with Maven plugin and JBossTools 3.2).

      According that I read in Seam 3 appear a module called Errai developed by the community that represents a layer over errai-bus which could send messages from client-to-server and server-to-client (I don't know if errai could work with the traditional widgets of GWT ???). 

      I have downloaded all the modules of Seam 3, Errai 1.0.1 and JBoss AS 6.0.

      Could anybody guide me from scratch what steps should I follow to make a simple project (based on your owns experiences)?

      thanks a lot ...