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    A question to Seam 3 users


      The questions I have are:

      How do you like Seam 3 till far ?

      Did things get easier and better in version 3 or is it the same or less as in Seam 2 ?

      Do you get the same or even a better productivity and functionalities as in Seam 2 ?

      Any further pros and/or cons ?


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          I'm working currently on a full webpage with inserations, account management, watchlist and much more. I started on seam 2 and migrated before some weeks to seam 3. The migration is currently not that easy but well I'm in love with seam 3. I think the development time is faster. The CDI method is much better. You dont have to worry about names or create properties. I have nearly no unwanted exceptions while developing. The page also looks really nice while using. Never saw any unknowned exception. The whole ajax refresh for forms (switched from a4j support works fine too. Well currently I cant say something bad about seam 3. But well I cant say much about productivity I have never tried with several sessions like with jmeter or something. I wrote a dummy data importer and it worked fine and fast with 250.000 entries on a mysql db :)