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    Seam 3 and Seam 2 in a single EAR

    Deji Mabogunje Newbie

      I currently have a Seam 2 Project (JBossAS6) which I would like to migrate to Seam 3.

      My project is deployed to an EAR file which has the following structure:

          -- Legacy Application War
          -- Seam 2.2 Module
          -- Lib
              -- JBoss Seam UI Jar
              -- JBoss EL Jar

      I need to migrate this project in phases, by adding a new WAR,
      which should leverage Seam 3.

      Is there anyway, within this single EAR file, to use Seam 2 for 1 WAR and Seam 3 for the other.

      Thank you for your help