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    Should Seam 2 and Seam 3 forums merge?

    Tony Herstell Master

      Should Seam 2 and 3 forums merge now.

      Adding a flag to questions should be mandatory (seam 2 or 3).

      The reason is all the seamsters are on Seam 3; and, as such, Seam 2 users may be (are) getting neglected.

      I know Seam 3 is exciting but the stable offering is Seam 2 and is heavily used.

      Please advise.

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          Sebastian Sachtleben Novice

          I dont think so. It will be confusing everyone. And I'm sure there are developers which use only seam 2 or only seam 3 and dont want to see questions for the other part.

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            Shane Bryzak Master

            I agree, it will introduce a lot of confusion.  Right now, when someone posts about their problem in the Seam 3 forum, we don't have to guess about which version of Seam they're using.  Also, while the forums do support tags there is no consistent discipline in using them.  Lastly, Seam 3 is pretty much a new framework, mostly written from the ground up.  While it duplicates a lot of the features present in Seam 2, it is not compatible (such is the price of standardization).

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              Dan Allen Master

              I'll second Shane on this. Merging the forums would introduce more confusion.

              While many of the new developers may be gravitating towards the Seam 3 forums, they are doing so because they want to discuss Seam 3, so then the Seam 2 posters really would get drowned out. There are still plenty of Seam 2 developers, and Marek is around to monitor those forums.

              We will get some cross-over once the migration guide gets underway (very soon).