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    Seam 3 and Cron

    Craig  Newbie

      I'm just ported a seam 2 app to seam 3.

      Is there any update on the cron module?

      Has anyone any advice on the best way to schedule jobs in the meantime?

      Many thanks


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          Jose Freitas Newbie

          I talked with PeteRoyle some days ago about this. he's planning to get back on seam-cron, but by now it's an alpha and it's to risky to start using it. I recommend working directly with quartz, but since you'll be working with it, maybe you can talk with pete to contribute to seam-cron project which uses quartz too (if I'm not mistake).

          You might want to analyze if ejb timers would fit your needs, it could be another option. but imho, quartz rlz!

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            elfuhrer Novice

            I would go for EJB timers, a number of options are there, I tested them standalone and they work like charm.

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              Peter Royle Newbie

              Hi Guys,

              Apologies for the extended silence. I'm now back working on Seam Cron. I'm aiming to get an Alpha release out this week, but given that I'm new to the release process anything could go wrong and delay that. In the meantime it's trivial to checkout and build locally if you have git and Maven 3 handy. Instructions for doing so are in the readme located here. The initial build requires about 33 MBs of stuff to be downloaded.

              Over the last week I have gotten the API relatively stable and know at least one user successfully using Cron in their project. There is a niggly deployment bug to iron out and @RequestScoped dependencies are known not to work but otherwise the scheduling works as expected.

              I encourage you to check out the readme linked above and see if you think Cron is a good fit for your project, or whether you would prefer to wait for a stable release. The set of open isses on JIRA might help you make that decision also. If you do decide to become an early adopter I will be available a lot of the time in the 'seam' channel of freenode.org (username PeteRoyle) to help out with any issues. The one caveat there is that I'm GMT-plus-10.



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                RatKing Newbie

                I favor the article
                How to Create a Scheduler Module in a Java EE 6 Application with TimerService

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                  Sebastian Sachtleben Novice

                  I'm really missing Seam Cron and Seam Mail module releases. I know they didnt get finish to Seam Final release but everyone know that these modules are needed in every bigger application. Hopefully they get in soon.

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                    Jason Porter Master

                    You can see above Peter's desire to have an Alpha of Cron available this week. I'm not sure what Cody's timeline is for Mail. I know he's been very swamped with his day job. I believe he's actually using it in a production app. Please feel free to build Mail from source and give it a try. I know he would welcome any feedback.

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                      Peter Royle Newbie


                      A quick update, Seam Cron 3.0.0.Alpha1 has just been released. It's in the JBoss Public Repository for easy integration into your Maven project. Please see the Seam Cron Module Page for more details.

                      Thanks, and remember to catch me on irc (#seam on irc.freenode.net) or create a JIRA if you have any problems or feature requests.


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                        Trevor Sweeney Newbie

                        Has anyone got a version of cron to work with 3.1.0 release?