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    s:convertEntity inside dataList

    newbee07 Newbie
      We have the code below where we are using s:convertEntity tag inside a datalist.

      The tag works fine if the datalist has only one element. But if the data list has more than one element then this convertEntity tags works only for the first element and I see the below WARNING in the logs for the rest.

      16:18:21,460 INFO  [lifecycle] WARNING: FacesMessage(s) have been enqueued, but may not have been displayed.
      sourceId=itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:2:radioList[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:2:radioList: Validation Error: Value is not valid), detail=(itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:2:radioList: Validation Error: Value is not valid)]
      sourceId=itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:1:radioList[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:1:radioList: Validation Error: Value is not valid), detail=(itemModalViewId:cartform:j_id10:1:radioList: Validation Error: Value is not valid)]

      The code snippet used is,
      <rich:dataList var="l_sub_item" value="#{selectedItem.subItems}">
              <h:selectOneRadio id="radioList" layout="lineDirection" value="#{l_sub_item.itemsSelected}" required="true">
                   <s:selectItems value="#{l_sub_item.subItems}" var="subSubItemVarRadio" label="#{subSubItemVarRadio.name}"/>