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    combining a4j:status and rich:effect and delayed content loa

    Markus Bauer Newbie


      i am playing around with a4j:status and the rich:effect.

      I have one region of the screen, capsulated in an a4j:outputPanel, which is dynamically rerendered. Now I want that region to fade out before it is reRendered and getting faded in after its content is fetched. How can I achieve this ?

      The second thing I'd need: I've seen a cool effect on the JIRA page: They place some panels on the dashboard (which shows up quite fast) and after the main page is loaded, they dynamically fetch the contents of the panels showing an gif while the content is fetched. This way - of course - the main page shows up quite fast, while the calculation of the panel contents is done afterwards.
      How can I achieve the same effect ?

      Br, Mark