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    SeamFaces 3.0.1 and Glassfish 3.1 - View Parameters broken

    tmanning Newbie

      I've been working with SeamFaces 3.0.1 / Glassfish 3.1 / Mojarra 2.1.1 / Weld 1.1.1 and I cannot get JSF2 view parameters to work.

      However, the preRenderView listener method is never called when I load a page specifying view parameters and a preRenderView listener. If I simply drop the SeamFaces and PrettyFaces jars from WEB-INF/lib, then view parameters work fine. Is this a known bug? I haven't found a reference to it.

      Just as a reference to modifications I've had to do to get this far (might help somebody):

      PretyFaces jar is not being used, but is required due to issue described here

      Installing Mojarra 2.1.1 got around the issue described here

      Installing Weld 1.1.1 got around some other issues I can no longer remember.

      Adding the FacesServlet definition and mapping in web.xml got around the issue described here

      Does anyone have insight into this problem?