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    Maven 3 and EAR

    Seth Milder Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I have a green field project and want to use Seam 3 and Maven 3. I currently have a Maven and Seam 2 project that was a bit of a pain to implement, but does produce a valid EAR artifact as a result. I am a lazy man, and I was hoping that Seam 3 (and/or Weld) would solve this drudgery for me, freeing me to spend my CPU cycles on solving the problem at hand. I was sad to see that all the examples in the Seam 3 distribution only produce WAR artifacts, although I was happy to see that they at least used Maven. It does seem that this functionality is in the works from what I have read. Does anyone have any idea when this will be ready to use, or even test (I would be happy to contribute)? Should it make any difference, I am using JBoss 6, perhaps I only need WAR? I am interested in eventually deploying my application in JBoss in a cluster configuration, so I think I do need EAR, don't I?