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    Seam-persistence : Lookup of UserTransaction not allowed...

    Richard Barabe Newbie

      I am using successfully seam-persistence in my application.  However, one of my bean cannot use an injected entity-manager :

      Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Lookup of java:comp/UserTransaction not allowed for Container managed Transaction beans

      here is my code :

      public class CurrentFileStore {
          EspaceClient currentWorkspace;
          EntityManager em;
          public FileStore getCurrentFileStore() {
              TypedQuery<FileStore> query = em.createQuery("SELECT store FROM FileStore store WHERE store.name = ?1", FileStore.class);
              query.setParameter(1, currentWorkspace);
              FileStore store = query.getSingleResult();
              return store;

      Is this because of the producer method ?  Like I said before, I also have a Service only annotated @TransactionAttribute, injecting the entity manager in the same way, but the service is working perfectly.

      Can someone help or explain if I'm doing wrong ?