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    Where is the @Name annotation?

    Eric Bichara Newbie


      Im new to Seam and am trying to setup a simple project with Primefaces and Jboss 6. I've downloaded the Seam 3 Final bundle and added the jars in the artifact folder to my project. I however dont get the @Name annotation. Am i missing something?

      Thanks in advance


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          Shane Bryzak Master

          The @Name annotation is from Seam 2, and doesn't exist in Seam 3/CDI.  The equivalent annotation is @Named, which is defined by the CDI specification.  There is a slight difference in behaviour - the @Name annotation from Seam 2 is required to denote a class as being a Seam component, however in CDI your class is automatically a bean if it meets the requirements for a managed bean (see the managed beans specification from JSR316).

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            jsoye Newbie

            It's actually @Named in Seam 3. In Seam 2.x it is @Name.
            @Named is in javax.inject.jar, so use it like

            import javax.inject.Named;
            public class Game implements Serializable {
               private int number;
               private int guess;
               // getters and setters

            <h:outputText id="Higher" value="Higher!"
                              rendered="#{game.number gt game.guess and game.guess ne 0}"/>

            This annotation is only required when you want to make the bean accessible to a JSF view via EL (i.e., #{game}).

            The name defaults to the unqualified class name, decapitalized; in this case, game.

            In Seam 2.x, it is

            import org.jboss.seam.annotations.Name;
            public class CategoryList {

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              Eric Bichara Newbie

              Thanks guys, really appreaciate it.