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    cannot inject event

    nev can Newbie

      Hi, I am new to seam catch and trying to use the seam catch from core Java application with JDK 5. I try to inject the seam catch with @Inject 
      Then I have the following code in my catch block.
      catchEvt.fire(new ExceptionToCatch(e));
      However, catchEvt is always null. I cannot inject it.

      Do I need any configuration xml files like Spring? I made sure I have all the jars. I would greatly appreciate for your help. Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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          John Ament Master

          If this is some kind of main program/standard app you need to make sure you're bootstrapping your CDI Container.  Understanding a little more about your environment would help as well.

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            nev can Newbie

            Thank you for your reply. Yes, this is a standalone application. So, if I need to bootstrap the CDI container, what is the overhead? Do you think it is wise to use the seam catch module instead of regular try-catch blocks from standalone app?

            Thanks again!

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              John Ament Master

              Overhead of using a CDI container, instead of just running your program? It's probably not a lot.  You're talking about the equivalent of running something like spring in your SE application.  The effort of actually implementing it may be a little more than you're expecting.  Everywhere that you're using new needs to be an injection point in CDI,

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                nev can Newbie

                I really appreciate for your response. Is there any good site that shows how to integrate seam catch to standalone application or with spring? I am having a hard time finding this information. I saw a lot of documents what is seam catch and how it is used, but not any example how to use it from core Java app or spring. I would really appreciate if you can help me out.

                Thanks in advance for your time!

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                  Jason Porter Master

                  You should be doing something like this:

                  @Inject Event<ExceptionToCatch> catchEvent;
                  catchEvent.fire(new ExceptionToCatch(e));

                  If that is not working then either

                  1. CDI is not bootstrapped or

                  2. The bean you are trying to inject into is not a ManagedBean (as defined by the spec). Basically it needs to have a no args ctor, or a ctor annotated with @Inject and it cannot be final.

                  3. You do not have a beans.xml in the correct location of your archive.

                  If CDI is running and your bean is a ManagedBean, and you a beans.xml in the correct location then some very odd is going on with your setup. Pasting the code you're using would be very helpful