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    Migration Nightmare: Seam 2 -> 3, JSF 1 -> 2, Richfaces 3 -> 4

    Miguel Z Newbie
      Dear Seam Users and Developers:

      I have several Seam2 + JSF/Facelets + Richfaces3 applications that came a bit into the years and now would need a facelift, mobile functionality etc.

      My idea was to migrate to the new generations of the used frameworks to get new features and gain productivity. But even with the most simple of my applications I was not able to do this:

      I. JSF1 -> JSF2 with Seam2

      There seem to be dependency and listener issues that can only be resolved by hacking Seam2.

      --> waiting for Seam 2.3 to support JSF2 officially or using Seam3

      II. Seam2 -> Seam3

      Seam3 would have been better denominated Seam30 due to the large conceptual gap to the anterior version. Though I think that the Seam Team adopted the right JEE6 way, from an application developer's perspective it's not easy to understand. Now I know why there is no migration guide/tool...

      III. Richfaces3 -> Richaces4

      As Richfaces3 completely fails rendering some AJAX components (e.g. TabPanel) in IE9 (getting rolled out very fast), my idea was to just use Richfaces4:

      --> Richfaces4 depends on JSF2 so waiting for Seam 2.3 to support JSF2 officially (--> I.) or use Seam3 (--> II.)

      --> Beyond that, many of the Richfaces4 components do not yet offer the same features as their Richfaces3 counterparts (e.g. tree has only one global variable...)

      Yes, I got a bit stuck and maybe I'm not the only one.. and I was already thinking in switching to GWT, ExtJS, Jquery UI, pure JSF2, ...

      The main problem what I see is, that neither Seam2 nor Richfaces3 are maintained sufficiently and at the same time the respective successors are not yet ready for migration or maybe even for production in general.

      In my opinion priorities should be:

      - Seam2 support for JSF2 (no hack)
      - Seam3 functionality and stability
      - Seam3 migration guide/Wiki/Tool/Module

      - Richfaces3 IE9 issues (not only via IE8 compatibility mode)
      - Richfaces4 functionality and stability

      Don't forget the users!

      Comments? Anybody with the same experience? Solutions?