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    Basic entity editing in Seam 3 through webform

    Thomas Hamacher Novice


      I´m just trying to migrate from Seam 2 to Seam 3 and feel totally lost, as so many things have changed.
      Unfortunately I haven´t found no real documentation covering all these topics and also the examples are not as extensive as they were with Seam 2.

      So currently I´m facing the very basic problem that I have a webform, which should edit an entity, which has been prepopulated through fetching it from database. Upon form-submission the entity should be forwarded to an EJB3-Service-Bean with all changes from the form ( should be a standard issue, right?).

      How do I inject the entity now for the editing and which annotation do I have to use now with Seam 3?

      Is there any example where to see how these things work in Seam 3 or any further documentation? Can anyone help me out with these very basic question?