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    pages.xml in Seam 3 and login-required

    Thomas Hamacher Novice


      when using Seam 2 there was a very nice mechanism within pages.xml that redirected a user directly to the login page in case he hasn´t been logged in yet.

      I could simply insert the following snippet into the pages.xml and everything worked fine:

      <page view-id="/protected/*" login-required="true"/>

      Is there anything like this in Seam 3?

      Is the pages.xml still recognized by Seam 3?

      Any answer is greatly appriciated.


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          Brian Leathem Master

          You'll want to use the @ViewConfig view configuration from Seam Faces.  It looks like:

          public interface MyAppViewConfig {
              static enum Pages {

          See the Seam Faces reference documentation for more details, and a proper explanation.