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    Question about seam-faces and @FacesRedirect

    MIklos Piklos Newbie

      Hello im using myfaces 2.1 and seam faces (and varous other faces frameworks like richfaces, primefaces,prettyfaces etc.) on tomcat 7.0.14.

      I like the @FacesRedirect annotation very much, however i notice a feature that i do not like that much.
      For example if i do not have my page annotated @FacesRedirect in view config i can do this:

      publis String myMethod(){
          return return "/pages/private/editUser.xhtml?faces-redirect=true&userId="+userId.get();

      And the user gets redirected to that page with proper parameters.

      However if i annotate that page in ViewConfig as @FacesRedirect


      publis String myMethod(){
          return return "/pages/private/editUser.xhtml?userId="+userId.get();

      Redirects the user, but it doesn't cary the parameter with that redirect. I even tried something like this.

      publis String myMethod(){
          return return "/pages/private/editUser.xhtml&userId="+userId.get();

      (to use ampersand instead of the question mark) but to no avail.

      It seems that if your page is annotated with @FacesRedirect all other parameters get discarded.

      Is this the desired behaviour, or a bug?
      I am somehow misusing this feature?

      Thanks in advance.