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    Seam 3 booking example and IntelliJ

    Werner Jacobs Newbie

      I am new to seam 3 and also to IntelliJ.(gave up on eclipse but sofar I enjoyed the ride with IntelliJ)

      I have imported the maven seam booking example into my IDE. I got my module set to produce an artifact of the type war-exploded and configure my jboss run configuration with this artifact.

      It works excellent when updating web sources like facelets. A browser refresh and the  page reflects the updates.

      When I try to deploy from IntelliJ the exploded war it gave me an error. When I deployed the war via jboss-harddeploy (maven jboss plugin), it gave me no problems.

      Does anyone have experience in using IntelliJ with the seam examples?

      I do not mind to have no hot- deploy for my classes but I would like to be able to deploy or undeploy the exploded war to jboss from IntelliJ and not from the maven plugin.

      My Jboss is version 6.0.0 final and my version of IntelliJ is 10.5.

      I will provide the error later as I am posting this on my way back home.