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    Unable to display a JFreeChart

    Benniu Ji Newbie

      I have on page named 'report.jsf'. It has a parameter 'id'.
      The url is like


      On the page, there is a view action

      <s:viewAction action="reportManager.loadReport" /> 

      This method will fetch report from DB according to the id.
      Also on this page, I used

      <a4j:mediaOutput element="img" cacheable="false" session="false"
                       createContent="#{reportManger.paint}" value="#{mediaData}" 
                       mimeType="image/jpeg" />

      to display a JFreeChart. The paint method will dynamically create a chart according to the report info got from DB.

      In loadReport method it will get data from DB which will be used by paint method.

      Here is the problem:

      The report page displays the report info correctly but the chart does not. The chart is always empty.

      I guess reportManager.paint is called before loadReport fetches the data to generate the chart.

      How to lodaReport firstly and then paint the chart?

      Can anyone show me an example which uses a view action to load data and dynamically generate a JFreechart and display in medialOutPut?