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    Richfaces components doesn't display

    Michael Buzov Newbie

      Sorry for my broken English in advance:)

      I'm have web application which use a4j:include, which insert two different pages into simple template.jspx file:
      page1.jspx contains table with protocol description's. When you click to some row,you go to
      page2.jspx, which contain protocol.

      And it's work fine.. I have some problem's (with session timeout and with IE browser), therefore i need to exclude a4j:include from code. I do two pages with simple navigation-rules.

      When I run my application, all richfaces component's is not visible: rich:datascroller, rich:dataTable, rich:calendar.
      I can see all information in dataTable, but I can't see the dataTable.

      Is there any idea?
      Thanks in any case!