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    Seam Wicket - Injecting transient fields

    Fabian Kort Newbie

      Hello Community.

      I have a questtion regarding injection of transient fields.

      In my pages I'm using a navigator panel to control the workflow. This panel get the conversation as constructor parameter and the conversation is stored as transient field in the panel. Afer deserializing the page with the panels the conversation of the page is normally injected but the conversation object of the panel is null.

      The advice from the documentation for this situation is to override the attach method  from the BeanManger API. But I can't find this method in the API :(

      My first fix was to override the onPageAttached() method from SeamRequestCycle but there is a known bug (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBSEAM-4808) that forces me to look for an alternative.

      So what is the best way to get the conversation from the page is also used in the navigation panel?

      Hopefully my explanations are not too chaotic and you understand my problem.

      kind regards
      Fabian Kort