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    Seam 3 and AS7 maven archetype

    Werner Jacobs Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I enjoyed the webinars on JBoss AS 7. I wonder if Seam 3 crew would create a maven archetype on the basis of Kitchensink but augmented with stuff from Seam 3 modules. Having watch the webinar, we have decided to skip JBoss 6 and try to release our new projects on AS 7 (deadline of projects end of the year, so we hope AS 7 will be more or less production ready (or maybe even 7.1).

      I already saw some post of Lucas Holmquist, pointing out some initial problems with running Seam 3 modules on AS 7.

      Can the section Tooling have a section maven archetypes for Seam 3 and AS7?

      Having the standidardization of maven archetype and all the nice stuff of AS 7 together would give the adoptation of Seam 3 a considerable boost.

      For the moment I will follow same MO as Lucas and adding stuff one at the time and see how far I get.