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    Seam Hack Night - July 14th

    John Ament Master

      Hey All!

      Ever wondered what it was like to work a Seam 3 Module?  This Thursday, at 22:00 UTC, we will be hosting a Hack Night on the Seam JCR module.  We will be using this time to work on some new functionality in Seam JCR to support Seam Catch integration and OCM Support

      Here's some quick notes:

      1. What is JCR?
      Java Content Repository (JCR) is a standard API for interacting

      2. What can I read to get started?
      Seam JCR integrates with both Modeshape by JBoss and Apache Jackrabbit.
      You can read through the MOdeShape Documentation at http://www.jboss.org/modeshape/
      You can read the Jackrabbit Documentation at http://jackrabbit.apache.org/

      Feel free to respond to this thread with any questions or comments.