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    Upgrade Seam for JBoss AS7

    Andrew Wheeler Newbie

      Thought I'd drop a quick pointer for anyone migrating to JBoss AS7 with a war project using Seam Persistence. You will need to upgrade to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT. This fixes an issue with looking up Transactions in JNDI.

      Other notes:

      • If you are using slf4j logging then don't forget to add dependencies to your MANIFEST.MF (Dependencies: org.slf4j). This is in the root META-INF, not under WEB-INF.

      • Change your datasource JNDI to use the new global convention prefix of java:jboss/datasources. E.g. java:jboss/datasources/MyProjectDs. This needs to be configured in your persistence.xml and standalone.xml.

      • As may have already been mentioned in previous posts, seam-faces depends on joda-time and prettyfaces-jsf2 artifacts. These need to be explicitly included as maven dependencies in order to avoid ClassNotFoundException.

      Feel free to add more guidlines to upgrading to AS7.