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    Lifecycle\scope of Stateful Session Beans

    Ro Chap Newbie


      If I am not wrong, a SFSB stays dedicated to one client (i.e. session) during its life. This means that if a client updates the state of a SFSB in one request, it will be preserved during the subsequent requests.

      Now what about this managed SFSB:

      public class GreetingBean 
              public String getGreeting()
                      return "Hello world";

      On one hand, it's a SFSB so technically it should not be swapped between different requests in the same session. On the other hand it's @RequestScoped so we are declaring that a new instance should be created between different requests, hence it won't preserve its state during a session.

      Or is it possible to modify the lifecycle/scope of a SFSB in EJB 3.1, so by definition a session won't be necessarily tied to a particular instance of a SFSB anymore?

      Thanks in advance.