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    IDM management console api issues

    Andrew Murphy Newbie


      I am currently building the administration pages for managing users, groups, roles etc., in a manner similar to the idmconsole example, but have hit a few snags with the api provided by the org.jboss.seam.security.management.action package.

      An inspection of the various class methods suggests the functionality is not complete. For example, UserSearch does not assign a value to the UserDAO enabled property; any attempt to modify the username in UserAction fails because of the way the user record is retrieved in saveExistingUser(), and the properties firstname, lastname, etc., are not implemented as identity attributes.

      It seems the coding of this api was started and not quite finished (this is not a rant). Of course I could roll out my own implementation of the action classes but this seems to defeat the purpose of having them provided in the first place.

      Would someone please advise the status of the Security Module project in general (question prompted by low levels of GitHub activity), and also outline the plans, if any, for improving the IDM management api.

      Many thanks, Andrew