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    Is there a Seam 3 equivalent to Seam 2's @Install?

    Ben Kirby Newbie

      Hi, I mistakenly asked this last week in the Seam Users forum. Unsurprisingly met with silence, so reposting in this here, as seems more appropriate. Anyone any ideas?

      In  http://seamframework.org/Community/AS7QuartzAsyncTransactionsCouldNotDiscoverTransactionStatus, Chris Lowe provides an elegant way of making Seam Persistence look at the new AS7 JNDI location, java:jboss/UserTransaction, for a UserTransaction.

      This uses Seam 2, and involves installing a bespoke component with @Install and @BypassInterceptors to override default Seam behaviour.

      However, I'm using Seam 3, and can't find an equivalent way of doing this from the API docs. Can anyone help?