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    how to configure application to use google as openid with seam security

    Stijn Cremers Novice


      I want to use seam security for authentication with google openId.
      Is there a tutorial on how to configure your application?

      I got i working so that i can login with google but  than i get an error from google saying: The page you requested is invalid.

      I've have copied and adjust the OpenIdRelyingPartyCustomizer class from openid-rp example from seam security.

      public class OpenIdRelyingPartyCustomizer {
          private Properties properties;
          public void servletInitialized(@Observes @Initialized final ServletContext context, OpenIdRelyingPartyConfigurationApi op) {
              PropertyReader propertyReader = new PropertyReader(properties);
              op.setHostName(propertyReader.getString("hostName", "localhost"));
              op.setPort(propertyReader.getInt("port", 8080));
              op.setProtocol(propertyReader.getString("protocol", "http"));