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    Seam Persistence Entity Manager Injection

    Alex Landini Newbie

      I'm developing a web application based upon JEE6 and Seam 3.
      The web application consists of single war.

      I implemented an entity manager producer as said in Seam persistence reference guide, like below:

      public class EntityManagerProducer implements Serializable {
           private static final long serialVersionUID = -1425976074150887643L;
           public static final String UNIT_NAME = "pu";
           @PersistenceUnit(unitName = UNIT_NAME)
           private EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory;     
           public EntityManager produce() {
                EntityManager entityManager = entityManagerFactory.createEntityManager();
                      // .. do somthing with entity manager
                return entityManager;
           public void dispose(@Disposes EntityManager entityManager) {
                if (entityManager.isOpen()) {

      Moreover I have a Repository/DAO base class, with EntityManager injection

      public abstract class AbstractRepository<T> implements Repository<T> {
           private EntityManager em;
           public EntityManager getEm() {
                return em;

      Real repository implementation extends this class.

      Now the problem is:

      I have an EJB annotated with @Singleton @Startup that uses a real repository implementation to load some object in a @PostConstract annotated method.
      Here no conversation context is active, and as said in Weld guide to EJB are propagated only RequestScope and Application Scope.

      Well, is there a way to produce an entity manager by basing on the invocation context, in other words
      can I produce a ConversationScoped entity manager when processing jsf request and TransactionScoped manager with no jsf request?

      Thanks in advance for the answer