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    RenderScoped VS ViewScoped

    Anton Lisovenko Newbie


      I use CDI ViewScope intensively (the one, offered by Steven Verborgh: http://www.verborgh.be/articles/2010/01/06/porting-the-viewscoped-jsf-annotation-to-cdi/) but in production I face memory problems: sessions grow rapidly and take much memory. In business purpose I have pretty long session timeout (about 7 hours). I tried to diminish the number ov JSF views and logical views in session (




      ) but this has not resulted in some prominent success.

      In this case I'm thinking about RenderScope, suggested by Seam faces. Seems these beans are destroyed sooner, than view scoped - as far as written in documentation. Can anyone say something about shortcomings and advantages of renderScope in comparison to viewScope? Are there any hidden obstacles of using this scope?