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    Seam Security without Transaction Module dependency

    Paulin Chevillon Newbie

      I've built an application for use on tomcat 7 with CDI and some Seam 3 modules. The main idea is to keep the app simple/light.

      I'm using CAS (web SSO from Jasig) for authentication with filters in web.xml. And for the app, the Seam 3 security module. Its usefull for group management and retrieving the login of the person logged in.

      Everything is fine except the dependency to the TransactionModule implied by Seam Security (actually the application has no need to access a DB). The only workaround I found was to load 'fakes' datasource and PersistenceContext, with a dependency to HSQLDB. I went to that 'solution' after trying without persistence.xml --> error...

      So if someone can help me getting this papplication lighter, without that unused DB, I'd be very pleased to read that !