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    If you want it to succeed, here is my suggestion

    philip andrew Newbie
      I suggest you need to do the following.

      1. Keep releasing as a single package, a single Maven dependency.

      Making SEAM 3 successful is not just a technical issue, it is also a marketing issue, thinking from a marketing perspective - >

      2. Simplify the on-ramp for new users, if I am a new user coming to this I need to know how to do things quickly and easily for simple use cases. If you want new users to adopt, then this has to be the case. Examples, examples, examples. Have seen many project fail due to lack of ease of adoption for the new user.
      I want to see a list of examples here on the SEAM 3 homepage for everything I want to be able to do http://www.seamframework.org/Seam3
      If a new user comes to SEAM 3 and come visit Spring, what do you think they will choose? SEAM 3 looks like something broken up into parts and I don't know how to do basic things with it.

      Why do you think CakePHP (http://cakephp.org/) is successful? is it because PHP is such a great language? of course not. Its got a place called the Bakery (http://bakery.cakephp.org/) where you can easily find examples to copy to make your own website. Lots of articles to read. So easy to get started.

      I know one technology years ago which had a lot of buzz around but died quickly, it was JXTA, the Java peer-peer library. So many programmers were looking at it, but when it was downloaded, it was complex, the API ugly and uncertain how to use. No good examples. So much good buzz and then died quickly.

      3. Generator, make a simple generator which can generate applications and make it online on a website. I want to list my database tables and relationships and I want the application created easily, then I can download it as a ZIP file and open it in my IDE. Make my getting started EASY, then its easy to go from there.

      4. Get rid of the FUD, your built on J2EE, everyone knows how much FUD surrounded that from the early times but its much better now.

      5. Make it easy to move from SEAM 2, currently I am a SEAM 2 user and feel uncertain to move to SEAM 3.

      Fix your broken links, clicking on "Example usage" here

      These are some thoughts which maybe others have not yet expressed.
      Tough love guys, I like SEAM 2, please get SEAM 3 popular.