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    Shifting eventhandling from rows to the table

    Christoph Sauer Newbie

      Hi there,
      in our application, we are using a rich:datatable in combination with a modifiableDataModel to display our data.
      To edit entries in of the table, a a4:support listens for "onRowDblClick" events. Unfortunately this translates into a lot of code per row. In order to reduce the size of the server response, we would like to replace the "onRowDblClick" event with "ondblclick". Therefore, we would have to fetch the object behind the currently clicked row by ourselves but we don't know how to do this. The 'var 'attribute of the datatable seems to be the right place to start here. If we were able to get the object behind the clicked row into the variable defined in 'var', we could process it "ondblclick" of the table itself.
      It would be great if anyone could help us out here, at the moment we are kind of clueluess. I wonder how Richfaces sets the 'var' variable, maybe someone can give us a hint on that, that would definitely help :-).

      Thanks in advance!