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    Migrate Seam 2 pages.xml to CDI-Seam 3-JSF 2.0

    titou10 titou10 Novice

      We are starting to investigate on how to move our apps from Seam 2 to CDI and JSF 2.0.

      One of the biggest challenge seam to handle what is defined in pages.xml

      So, as for today is there an equivalent in CDI/Seam 3/JSF 2.0 of the features currently defined and held in pages.xml as :

      • HTTP/HTTPS protocol enforcement based on view-id

      • Page security/login enforcement with redirect to the login page when not logged in

      • Page security protection based on view-id/Role

      • handling of exceptions (Including ViewExpiredException)

      • Page action based on view-id (page/action execute=...)

      • Global navigation (page/navigation/rule if-outcome,redirect...)

      • Page based on view-id navigation (page/navigation/rule if-outcome,redirect...)

      • Redirect to a specifiy view if no long running conversation is active

      • start/end/join.. for long running conversation before/after redirect (end-conversation before-redirect)