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    Refreshing page after always going first tab

    Tharves M Newbie

      I have 4 tab. once i went 3 tab, meanwhile i refreshing the page. It is going to first tab, how to avoid this problem

      My code is

      <rich:tabPanel width="750" headerAlignment="left" headerSpacing="7px" switchType="ajax" id="panel" >

      <rich:tab label="A" id="query" oncomplete="redirectPdoc();">
      <a4j:include id="aa" viewId="/jsp/a.jsp" ></a4j:include>

      <rich:tab label="B" id="acl">
      <a4j:include id="bb" viewId="/jsp/b.jsp"></a4j:include>

      <rich:tab id="managecode" label="C" switchType="ajax">
      <a4j:include id="cc" viewId="/jsp/c.jsp"></a4j:include>

      <rich:tab id="manageApplicant" label="D" switchType="ajax">
      <a4j:include id="dd" viewId="/jsp/d.jsp"></a4j:include>