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    Seam 3 bpm module?

    Daniel Meyer Newbie

      I am the author of the activiti / cdi integration.
      activiti is the lightweight bpm engine developed by the original jbpm developers.

      actviti-cdi integration is very similar to the seam2/jbpm3 integration offers among others:

      • @BusinessProcessScoped beans,

      • EL-integration (invoke @Named beans form a process)

      • conversational cache for process variables (complete a unit of work like a user task in a conversation)

      • events

      • ...

      Look at for instance:
      Documentation or
      a blog post on how to implement user tasks with JSF2

      We also have highly
      advanced Jboss AS7 integration.

      Since I read that Seam 3 is rethinking its strategy and wants to keep the modules closer to the projects they provide integration with, I want to propose to consider this as a Seam 3 BPM module.

      Any thoughts?